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Welcome to Origin Wiki – a collaborative database dedicated to YouTube's science fiction series, Origin. We currently have 84 articles, 81 images, and 0 active users. However, we can only grow with your help. Note that though anyone can edit on this community, this wiki is heavily monitored for maintenance of quality.
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"A Total Stranger"

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"A Total Stranger" is the ninth episode of the first season of Origin.

A surprise visitor threatens to plunge the ship into chaos. Drastic measures are taken, but death continues to haunt the Origin.


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"I Am"

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"I Am" is the tenth episode of the first season of Origin.

A chilling revelation changes everything, while SIREN itself is called into question.


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Origin is a science fiction series that follows a group of strangers stranded on a spacecraft bound for a distant planet. The abandoned passengers must work together for survival, but quickly realize that one of them is far from who they claim to be. Read More...

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Iris is one of the planets from the Proxima Centauri system. It was confirmed in an expedition report that Evelyn Rey and Abigail Garcia discovered, that Iris is a neighboring planet of Thea. Video footage and documented findings from the report, highlighted that the former crew members that conducted an expedition on the planet had all died, due to succumbing to a mysterious alien threat.

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